Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How to decode Yaesu serial numbers

If you need to know exactly when your Yaesu radio was manufactured here is the way to decode Yaesu serial numbers:

Position 1 = year made

Position 2 = month made

C = January
D = February
E = March
F = April
G = May
H = June
I = July
J = August
K = September
L = October
M = November
N = December

Pos 3 &/or 4 = lot number(s)

Pos 5<-8 sequence in that lot

Position 1: last digit of the year in which the radio was produced

Position 2: Determine the position of the letter in the alphabet (C=3,D=4,E=5, etc) and then subtract 2. The result gives the month in which the radio was manufactured. Note that the letters will range from C (January) throughN (December). Thus, a radio with a serial number of 5H221234 would have been manufactured in 2005 (5), during the month of June (H=8, 8 minus 2 = 6, June is the 6th month), was part of lot 22, and was the 1234th radio in that lot.


K4GTM said...

Wow Mark. Great info about the serial numbers!

kv7m said...

So does my serial of 0j520101 decode to 2010 august lot 52 item #0101?

Bora Yurtoren said...

I have a FT-60 with serial# 6J411105. If this means it was made in 2006, what will show on a unit that will be made in 2016?

Bora Yurtoren said...

Serial# from a friends unit: 2M590057. Was this made in 2002 or 2012?

Knut Buttnase said...

the same Q: my serial from my FT-736r is 1F460117. Is this now from 2001? I belive not ... 1991 is better ('81 is also possibility:)

Mike M0SAZ said...

I wouldn't think any radio has been made for over a decade has it? Even the venerable FT-857 / FT-817 have been replaced with D and ND versions respectively. By that token one would know the decade their radio was made and know the year from the years it was in production. Mike M0SAZ

Hwidger Lourenço said...
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Hwidger Lourenço said...

Wow! Tks. So I have the a FT-101B made in March/75, lot number 32, 1.385th radio in that lot, and the FT-101E made in March/78, lot number 33, 951th radio!